About Mufarreh Wellness Institute

Mufarreh Wellness Institute, founded by Dr. George M. Mufarreh, specializes in helping clients understand the root cause of their illnesses so that they can confidently take charge of their health and clear the way for healing. With a comprehensive approach to wellness, we help people identify and replace the foods, products and habits that lead to pain and illness so that they can live healthy, happy lives. Unlike other approaches that simply attend to people’s symptoms of poor health,  we help clients uncover and heal the source of their illnesses so that they can have lasting healthy lives.

About the Founder

George M. Mufarreh, MD, Ph.D., BCNP, CTH

Dr. Mufarreh is an International Holistic Health Care and Regenerative Medicine Specialist as well as a Board-certified Naturopathic Doctor with the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board.

Having completed his Doctor of Medicine in 1986 at the Universidad Tecnologica de Santiago-School of Medicine, Dr. Mufarreh brings an exceptionally balanced and integrative blend of wisdom to his patients and his practice.

Dr George M Mufarreh, Founder

He is also recognized as a Certified Tribal Healer (CTH) and Indigenous Healthcare Provider licensed and approved by the First Nation Medical Board (FNMB).

Dr. Mufarreh currently divides his time between his home and work in the United States, and his international humanitarian pursuits.  He is currently the medical coordinator of Hands Across the Equator which aims to develop health care clinics for the indigenous peoples of Peru.

He is a loving husband, son-in-law, father of two ambitious grown children, as well as human companion to one charming Boston Terrier, and three personable felines. He is an alumnus of the University of Michigan and a long-time resident of Metropolitan Detroit.